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My plan is to write two entries a week. That isn’t set in concrete but it is what I plan. Sometimes it will happen, sometimes I will be compelled to write more, sometimes I might not get to write much at all.

The idea is that I will write midweek about what I’m working on and my ideas for future projects. At the weekend I will discuss things quilting, what’s happened with my projects since mid week and anything else that takes my fancy such as new fabric collections and comments on other blogs.

Today I finally finished “Confederate Rose”. It has taken me much longer than I expected it to in part due to not having been well, but also because I have been working on other things.


I seem to take about 130 hours to make a medium sized quilt. Clearly if there is lots of applique it will take longer and if the quilting is complex even longer still. However, 130 hrs is about how long I take to make most of my quilts. I tend to work for about 4 – 6 hrs a day so that equates to about 3 to 4 weeks per quilt. Confederate Rose has taken me nearly 7 weeks to finish but while I was making it I have made a tea cosy and four dog coats and spent a week lying in bed or on the sofa reading!

This was my first quilt completely cut out using the Brother ScanNCut which is a brilliant tool. I scan my designs in and then it cuts out all the pieces for me. In a day and a half I had cut out all the applique pieces and in a day I had all the blocks fused. Now you can understand my frustration with it taking so long to finish. I was so ahead of myself only to then fall way behind.

This quilt is to be my new “Introduction to Machine Applique” project. I planned to use it in a workshop that I was due to give mid this month but unfortunately it was cancelled. I have a class coming up in September where I hope this quilt will be used and another workshop later in the year. Intro to Machine Applique is one of my most popular classes and every year or so I like to produce a new project to teach in part because I get stale teaching the same old project time after time and also it gives students an opportunity to do the class again as a refresher with a new quilt to complete.

This quilt was designed to be a full nine block quilt or a three block table runner or a single block cushion cover. In each block there is everything one needs to learn in machine applique – straight lines, curves, innie points and outie points. Its also a very effective quilt for anyone who likes repeating blocks. Secondary designs in piecing often happen, however, its not often in an applique quilt you get a secondary design but one appears in this one with the rose buds forming a circle at the block corners.

I’m also working on a quilt in my regency series. The first in the series was inspired by the Jane Austen quilt. My partner, Marcus, is a huge Jane Austen fan so for his fortieth birthday I made him a version of the Jane Austen quilt, we called it “Road to Pemberley”. It was made using the Barbara Brackman fabric collection “Lately arrived from London” which was authentic to 1812 which was around the time Jane and her sister, Cassandra, made it. I sent a photo to Barbara Brackman to show her how wonderful her fabric collection was and bless me if she didn’t feature it on her blog. I was stunned and delighted.


I have started but not yet finished the quilting on a strip quilt. I don’t have any pics yet but this is my next project so I will have pics for next WIP Wednesday’s entry. The inspiration for this was a photo I found on the internet and since piecing it I have discovered that its in the La Grange collection in Texas. The photo below is the photo I found on the internet. My quilt differs from it slightly as you will see next week.

Regency stripe

I’m also working on a hand pieced quilt again in my regency series. I can’t keep my hands still and in the evenings in front of the fire and watching the TV I do English Paper Piecing (EPP). I was inspired by Dear Prudence by Linda White of Gum Valley Patchwork (http://www.gumvalleypatchwork.com.au/). This incredible quilt is my wallpaper on my computer. Every day I’m inspired to keep on with my EPP quilts. My first one was half inch hexagons and took two years. The hand piecing is finished but its not yet appliqued to a backing and quilted. It will get finished but not until I’m confident of getting a good finished result – it will be a competition quilt.

The second one was a three quarter inch hexagon quilt, “A Summons to Rosings” which now is hung over the back of the sofa in the lounge.


The current hexie quilt is another three quarter inch one but in a different layout. I find it so therapeutic to do – concentrating on the sewing means that I’m not focusing on my back pain.

So you can see, I’m rarely idle. In future I shall take photos and when I talk of quilts and works in progress I shall have pics to show you what I’m doing.

Until next time, I hope you have fun stitching.