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In this post, I thought that I would share with you some more of my renditions of antique quilts. In a previous post, WIP Wednesdays for 13 August, I showed you some quilts that had inspired me to remake them in a more modern way.

I love quilts that are from about 1830 to 1875 with a particular interest both in Civil War quilts and Baltimore Album quilts. I have made several Baltimore Album quilts, some that have been designed by others, some I have designed myself. Some of those that I have made myself would be considered Baltimore Album-style quilts rather than true Baltimore Album quilts. Nevertheless, they all are beautiful and are a challenge to make. My passion for them is the subject of one of the talks I give to quilting groups.

Having such a fascination for the applique blocks that make up a Baltimore Album quilt I have recently turned my attention to single blocks and making quilts from a repeated block, often a secondary pattern appears. One of the first of these quilts was “Beauregard’s Folly” which was an adaption of a very traditional block, the Whig Rose. If you look closely you will see that the junction between four blocks, the rose buds form a circle.


Another example of choosing one block from a Baltimore Album quilt and repeating it is Yankee Doodle Dandy. I found a photo of an old BA quilt.

sRoberts - web

I particularly liked the block on the second row, third in from the left. I made a computer rendition, in Electric Quilt 6, of the quilt if I repeated the block 9 times.

Yankee Doodle Dandy - web

I loved the effect and I used this as the basis of the quilt I made I called Yankee Doodle Dandy. I didn’t follow the rendition exactly but close enough.


I was so taken with the result of Yankee Doodle Dandy I decided to take another block from a BA quilt and make a companion quilt called Confederate Beauty. This quilt appeared in the magazine Australian Patchwork and Quilting, Vol 23 No 11.


I love finding an antique quilt and then using Electric Quilt 6 making a pattern of it so that I can remake it. I don’t try to make an exact replica and always use new techniques both to construct it (all my applique quilts are sewing by machine not needle turn) and modern quilt designs sometimes using old motifs but often using dense background quilting designs.

Beauregard’s Folly was Highly Commended at Victorian Showcase, the state quilt show, in 2011. I was fortunate enough the following year to win a second place rosette. This was another antique quilt that I made and brought up to date: For Clara Barton, Angel of the Battlefield.

I found an antique quilt with the Victorian garden flower, cockscomb, as its central motif and I designed a quilt using it as the main feature.

coxcomb quilt - web

This was a surprising difficult quilt to do, all the cockscombs little points were very fiddly and it was too difficult to do using my normal button hole stitch so it was mainly constructed with satin stitch.


Its a quilt that still gives me great satisfaction and great joy.

Another quilt that I found and recently has been made up is one I called Louisiana Cotillion and is last of my State Dance Series. The quilt I found was a quilt top that was being auctioned. I saw it and knew I had to make it.

Antique Whig Rose - web

Unusually for me, I didn’t adapt it much – it was perfect the way it was.

Antique Whig Rose Quilt - web

Following the pattern closely, the final quilt was a triumph and is a competition quilt just waiting for a competition for me to enter it into.


As you will have seen from my most recent WIP Wednesday post I’m working on another antique quilt from Pennsylvania. This one I have named after an antique fragrant red hybrid perpetual rose, General Jacqueminot.

Here’s the original quilt:

Windblown rosetree quilt

My computer rendition of it:

Pennsylvania Rose Tree Quilt - web

And all the blocks fused and partly sewn. So far I have followed the pattern closely but I am not sure that I will do the sashing and borders as I have copied. I think it deserves a more intricate vine border incorporating the main rose from the centre of each block. As I get there the quilt will tell me what I need to do!

General Jac progress - web

I, of course, have a quilt ready to make once I have finished General Jac. This will be another competition quilt and will take some making. It is in the first stages of being redesigned.

The original quilt was made by two sisters which is an amazing feat and was in celebration of a successful presidential election.

Glorieta on Steroids - web

My current computer rendition of it follows it closely so far but I know there will be changes, not least further alterations to the swag border.

Glorieta on Steriods - computer rendered

It will be a challenge, a huge challenge. There are 420 circles in it alone! I must be insane or I must really love quilting! Its a bit of both really!

Who am am I kidding, it’s a lot of both really! And if you’re going to be mad about something quilts are as good a thing as anything.