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I’m a bit late with my work in progress update. Only a day late, but I was working hard yesterday and too tired to sit and write an update.

Last week I have been concentrating on General Jac and yesterday it was a momentous day as I finished all the oak leaves on the blocks. They have been a bit of a pain, there is next to no straight line stitching so it was stitch pivot stitch pivot. Each leaf took a bit of time to do. I have a few more on the sashing but not the masses there were in the blocks.

Yesterday I spent some time on the computer working out what I was going to do on the sashing and borders. The borders need a slight change as at the moment it is one long piece of bias all the way round the quilt – I can’t make the bias in all one piece so I need a flower to cover the join. I now have used a small rose to cover the join and it appears in the sashing and will appear in the border. Not a big change but in my view an important one.

Gen Jac Sashing

I was always very aware that there was a lot of green with only one large rose shape and the buds in red. The original antique quilt used the same green for all the bias and leaves. I did vary the greens a bit on my version but kept them in the same family. Now with the small red roses it breaks it up a bit and evens out the amount of green and provides interest in the sashing and will do in the border.

Gen Jac 2

One thing I’ve noticed is that there is not going to be a lot of room for quilting. Once I have outlined the rose tree with all its leaves on the block and then echoed it there is not going to be room for a large motif to quilt.

There is more room on the sashing and borders and that I think is going to be where the quilting is most visible. I have no idea what it will be – I’m not even close to quilting yet. The quilt has only just told me what it wants for sashing and the borders, its not said anything about quilting but it will as we get closer!

I’m so enjoying the appliqué. I don’t get to do as much as I would like to do. Most of my quilts are appliqué quilts but I seem to get through the appliqué quickly and the majority of my time seems to be the quilting. With General Jac I am not racing to finish but taking my time and enjoying myself. In part that’s due to the fact that I haven’t as yet decided what I’m doing next – normally that will drive me to finish so I can start the new project. I am very disciplined in that I will not start a project until I have finished or almost finished the previous one. If I wasn’t as tough on myself as I am I would have a store room full of UFOs and that would upset my Virgo sensibilities.

Virgos are neat and tidy, finishing things before starting others, punctual, carefully consider things before jumping in. We are the boring astrological sign. Poor Marcus, my partner, he has to suffer with me as in my chart I am Virgo with Virgo rising and two other Virgos elsewhere in my chart. Quadruple Virgo – that normally would have people running to the hills. He just ignores me! Well its worked for us – we’ve been together 14 years and yet to have an argument!

I am a very typical Virgo and its been bothering me all morning that I was late with the blog entry so here it is a short one, a tiny bit late but now you know what I’m up to and going to do next.

Happy stitching