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I’ve been a bit slack in getting my blog entries up on the day that I originally said that I would do so. Initially I said that I would make a general entry about quilting, life, the universe and everything on Sundays and a Work in Progress entry on Wednesdays. My intentions started well and then things went a touch awry!

This Work in Progress Wednesday entry is being written on my Wednesday evening but might be posted on the Thursday. My intentions are good but my practice is not quite as good as I’d like.

Its been a very busy seven days. I’ve been to Werribee to give a talk …

Me at Wyndham Quilt In

Me at Wyndham Quilt In

…taught Zentangle Inspired Quilting yesterday at Mill Rose Cottage in Ballan …Mill Rose ZIQ

… and today I finally finished constructing the quilt top of General Jacqueminot.

 General Jac - top finished

I have successfully recovered from both the talk and the teaching and I’m now sure that the new brace for my back is responsible for the reduction in pain and my increased mobility. It’s a life changer. I still get tired, I still need to take rests regularly, I still need to lie on the sofa after lunch either reading or napping but overall I am massively improved. My back is a constant work in progress and will remain so for the rest of my life but any improvement is a welcome one.

Last week I was deciding on how the sashing was going to look and I’m pleased at how its turned out. Some of the friends I polled for suggestions said keep it really simple like the original and others thought that it would be better balanced if the sashing and borders were more detailed and matching the busy blocks.

I met both groups half way. I introduced a simple five petal rose in the sashing and the same rose will appear in the border but essentially the border will be as I originally designed it.

I am delighted with the way its turned out. The oak leaves have taken much longer to do and the ones in the sashing were smaller so needed to be stitched with a smaller stitch. Even with my magnifying glasses on it was a bit of a trial and there were even fewer straight lines and much more pivoiting! Whinge whinge! I have no idea why I’m whinging – I love my appliqué. Maybe too much of a good thing and you end up complaining just for the hell of it.

I did some fancy satin stitching in the rose centres which was the only variations. Other than that, the rose was satins stitched, the leaves button holed and the bias fern stitched. Its my usual combo which works really nicely.

Central Rose Gen Jac Gen Jac Block Rose gen jac sashing rose

As I am going to be cutting out the borders over the next week I should tell you I am trialling a method I found on YouTube for extending the life of the CutNScan cutting mats. I did a dummy run and I spent a long time getting the paper off the mat – I think the adhesive I used reacted with the adhesive left on the mat. Now I am following the instructions properly by removing all the previous adhesive with non-alcohol baby wipes it might be easier to peel off the paper after passing it thru the cutter. I shall keep you informed.

Isn’t it amazing what baby wipes can be used for. They apparently are the first thing you should reach for if you get red wine on clothes! Marcus was told by a actor friend that he uses them to remove make up, they certainly removed stubborn stains that had appeared on my studio tables.

So I’m now thinking about my next project. I need to do some writing which I am procrastinating about. I am not good at writing up my patterns I’d much rather play with fabric although I do enjoy writing my blog entries and my Facebook up dates but they are more mind dumps than accurate writing .

I was tidying up and came across some old sketches I’d made earlier in the year for quilts using the drunkards path block. I haven’t perfected curved piecing and certainly avoided it during the precision piecing challenge. Maybe that should be my next challenge.

What every my next challenge is, I wont be starting it for a couple of weeks and I’ll be sure to keep you in formed of what I plan to do and what progress I’m making even if its not very much!