Neil Chisholm Designs was set up three years ago. I had been quilting for four years by then and was keen to teach at local patchwork and quilting stores the unorthodox methods I had developed in quilt construction. I am completely self-taught and over time I think that I broke every quilting rule there was. The quilt police warned me for violations so frequently they eventually stopped doing so!

Then in 2009 I won two ribbons at Victorian Showcase, the state quilting competition, for a wholecloth quilt so I knew despite not using text book methods I was doing something right. The following two years saw me collect two further ribbons at Showcase.

I am now generously sponsored by Brother Australia and I sew on a VQ3000 which is an amazing sewing machine quite clearly designed by a quilter for quilters as every feature you could want is there. I also now teach regularly in and around Ballarat and have built a studio.

To contact me, please email nrc.mch@bigpond.net.au or by snail mail at PO Box 502, Buninyong VIC 3357.



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